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5 Advantages of hosting Virtual Event

The major effects of the ongoing pandemic “COVID-19” have majorly impacted the physical events industry and compelled them to find opportunities to thrive in new ways. Technology has played a major role here and many
organizations are now considering the idea of hosting virtual events online as the only alternative.

The best part is, virtual events have immense potential for growth in terms of audience engagement, reach, lead generations, and sales when it is used as per strategy for an organization’s brand and business enchantment.

We will like to discuss 5 key points on the benefits of hosting a virtual event that you should consider if you need to plan an event soon.

  • 1. Virtual events comes with very low operational and marketing cost:
    When everything goes digital and you can have greater control over the ROI of your ad spend through SEO, email marketing, and more. While hosting a virtual event, you can focus your marketing efforts and budget online. Even with strategic partnerships, promoting your partners’ brand won’t require printing costs for conference booklets, banners, and buntings. Operating costs like venue fee, AV production, service staff, transport, VIP accommodation, F&B, or logistics will completely get erased from in case of a virtual event. Overall a virtual event demands less expensive compared to a physical event and you get more returns out of it.


  • 2. Virtual events have a higher audience reach:
    In terms of hosting a physical event, it’s important to find a suitable date, venue, and location. The host is concerned about the location’s is convenience and accessibility for their target audience, whether it is disable-friendly
    if the venue can fit the number of attendees. After doing so much still one has to calculate the dropout rate due to traffic or unforeseen situations. On the other hand, hosting a virtual event reduces these concerns by a big margin. All the participants can attend the event from the comfort of their homes or anywhere in the world on the go, as long as they have a computer or mobile device
    and internet connectivity. As virtual events are so easy to attend, the rate of virtual footfall can go up to over twenty times higher than a physical event. If you are thinking of how to engage your audience then you must know that there are plenty of fun and effective tools like selfie booths, Q & A sessions, web-casting, quiz features, polling features, and many more tools available to keep
    your audience engaged throughout the event. These are great ways to make a more engaging conference experience and get your audience collectively doing something together on a Virtual Event Platform.


  • 3. Virtual events can improve your brand strategy:
    If there’s one thing people respect, it’s an organization whose people have a spirit of resilience and innovation. Being able to quickly embrace change with such a great leap can position your brand in a favorable light among your
    audience. In addition to being a leading example in your industry, hosting a virtual event helps you improve your brand strategy because people are drawn to fresh and new experiences like this. This is your chance to convert your audience into
    loyal customers or subscribers. Virtual events have the potential to make the whole process faster by with the help of virtue of every action taking place online. With Virtual Event Platform you can also run pre-event brand activities
    online that can build hype towards the event and continue after.


  • 4. Virtual events can be easily managed:
    Virtual events give the host more control over the event. There won’t be the usual stress that comes with logistics, equipment, training on-ground staff, or having to physically be in many places at once to meet stakeholders
    and media guests in person. This means that the host can focus on ensuring that one has all the digital tools to deliver a seamless experience for your attendees such as webinar and video conferencing tools that can be used with
    Pigeonhole Live. The exiting part is an in-house team of “EventStub” and has developed a Video conferencing platform integrated with our video conferencing partners. We create the perfect ground for your event to build high engagement among your audience.


  • 5. Virtual events can generate valuable data for your next move:
    Data is the most valuable asset in today’s, with the Attendee’s Profiles feature on the online registration batch, the host will be able to collect useful information such as knowing which sessions had the most questions from attendees
    and who the most engaged attendees were at the virtual event. This already allows you to get to know who your audience really is and think of content or campaigns that will meet their needs and motivate them towards a specific goal. You can even instantly send them a digital ID Card in exchange for collecting valuable feedback on the spot, which gives you the means to make your next event even better than before.