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How to Shift From Physical to Virtual Events and Generate Leads

Are you thinking of canceling travel arrangements for industry conferences? If so, then you’re not alone. Recently, many trade shows converted their onsite plans into virtual events.  Facebook canceled its F8 s...

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8 Reason Why Webinars are More successful Than Physical Meetings

There are many ways to conduct a meeting, earlier meetings required everyone to be physically present in the same room at the same time. Times have changed now, thanks to technology, webinar meetings have evolv...

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How to find a good Event Registration Software in 2020?

Are you confused about how to find a suitable Event Registration Platform that works best for your event? You need to be very selective while choosing your registration software as it’s the key, here since this...

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How to get most out of your next business matchmaking event?

Business matchmaking is presently rather popular with b2b event organizers. for this provider to achieve success, the following elements must be considered inside the planning manner. 54% of the conferences, tr...

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Ideas For Your Next Virtual Event

Or on the other hand, these could be thoughts for your first virtual event. Whatever the case, we should begin arranging! Here are four quality virtual event thoughts that have demonstrated effective for other ...

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Virtual Event Tips and Best Practices

You need your virtual event to go easily, isn’t that so? Take notes from these virtual event tips and best practices to guarantee you make the most ideal experience for your participants. Make a plan for ...

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5 Advantages of hosting Virtual Event

The major effects of the ongoing pandemic “COVID-19” have majorly impacted the physical events industry and compelled them to find opportunities to thrive in new ways. Technology has played a major ...

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Why Host a Virtual Event in 2020?

The importance of face-to-face conversation will never age away, but there are times like COVID 19 of 2020 when going virtual is the only option. Hosting a virtual event requires the same amount of dedication a...