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How to find a good Event Registration Software in 2020?

Are you confused about how to find a suitable Event Registration Platform that works best for your event? You need to be very selective while choosing your registration software as it’s the key, here since this platform will affect all other parts of your event planning process. Given below are certain aspects you need to consider while choosing your Event Registration Software which will determine the success of your event.

1. User- friendly:

This is the key quality that you should look for while selecting an event registration platform. Make sure to get a demo of the platform beforehand to ensure that it is actually a very user-friendly platform. Doing this will solidify whether the event registration software is actually user-friendly for both the host and the participants.

2. Personalization & Integrated capabilities:

You may get a feature-rich event registration software that may have all the bells and whistles you want, but in case those features do not integrate with your important parts of your overall event management platform, then the registration platform may not be worth.

Is the event registration platform able to process & accept all types of payments? Does the platform integrate very easily with your event website? Will the registration info from each participant synchronize with your email marketing platform to ensure personalized messaging to each participant? These are important event software integrations to consider while selecting your event registration platform.

3. Customizable:

An event program can involve different types of events like a virtual conference, field marketing events, VIP events, and more. Your participants can also vary from speakers to sponsors, and general attendees just to name a few.

While evaluating your event registration platform, look for options that are available to support both paid and free events, so that one can create unique event ticketing types for different registrants, and features that let you promote registrations through promo codes or social incentives.

4. Longevity:

Try to choose a platform that is capable of handling all of your events need basically a Turn-key event solution provider. If you use an event planning platform for some events and another platform for other events that will be confusing and very costly as well. Go for an event management solution provider that is scalable. You will need to have access to cross-event data that could help you discover what is and is not working for your event.

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