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Why Host a Virtual Event in 2020?

The importance of face-to-face conversation will never age away, but there are times like COVID 19 of 2020 when going virtual is the only option.
Hosting a virtual event requires the same amount of dedication as a physical event, with both events, one need to effectively promote the event,
engage your visitors, create memorable moments for visitors and make the event a success. The only thing that’s missing is the physical venue and
the physical visitors on the site. But, with virtual events, you can create almost the same effect as a physical event, not just small one-off presentations,
but one can create engagement-driven experiences and an impactful event that extends well-beyond a computer screen.

Virtual events are held with the same goals as in physical events for delivering your company’s message, for generating
leads and revenue, to drive adoption and build loyalty for a lifetime. The event industry has been making the choice between physical and virtual events for years,
both types of events come with its own set of pros and cons. For instance, a webinar being virtual still benefits the same as a physical meeting but it’s built
for cost-effectiveness, one can also deliver thought-leadership, training, or some other content, whereas a user conference or regional training program is purpose-built to
create 1:1 in-person interactions that face-to-face delivery enhances. When you decide whether or not to make go for a virtual event, consider what you hope
to gain from the event and how well those goals can be reached virtually with a much lower cost than a physical event.

Here are a few reasons to host a virtual event:

  • Accessibility: There are many visitors in Physical events who are unable to attend the event for a different reason in if a virtual Event is there with the physical one then one can
    expect 100% attendance.


  • Budget: If your organization is in the process of cost-cutting they will opt for smaller Physical Events but in case of Virtual Events one can host the bigger event in terms of attendees
    with a much lower cost that brings in the huge number of leads.
    A virtual event is also helpful when attendee budgets to travel are a concern.


  • There’s no other option: Whether due to the extreme weather, travel bans, or unavailability of time, one is forced to cancel a physical event whereas in the case of a virtual event one
    can attend the complete even without even getting out.

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