DIY Virtual Event

Amplify your online event experience with our power-packed DIY Virtual Event Platform.

One Platform that covers all your Requirements

Don’t put a limit to your Imagination… Only limit your time

Inclusive of a comprehensive menu with a host of creative features for engagement and networking. Fully customizable and user-friendly, you can now have fun creating unique virtual events minus the hassle and in even lesser time.

Networking in real-time

 Interactive meet and greet sessions via video calls, one-to-one, and group chat for people to engage and interact. Our platform’s audio and video functionality enable attendees to initiate seamless conversations. 

Customize Branding 

Defining your brand’s unique identity. Moderation tools to design booths for brand imaging or customize the entire layout of the event such as the font, color, text, and logo to create more brand awareness. Our platform’s customized branding features help attendees to connect with your brand and enhance prospects for sponsorship. — No 

Gamification for attendees

Bring in the energy to key areas of your event with our platform’s Virtual event gamification features. Drive engagement by incentivizing your attendees and keeping them engaged in competitive scenarios. 

Live Broadcasting

Enhance your virtual presence with live feeds. Go beyond the platform to connect with your audience with our platform’s integrated services for live broadcasting. We enable parallel live streaming of sessions on multiple platforms to facilitate more engagement and active interactions. 

Custom Booth Design

Customize your booth the way you like it! Our DIY platform empowers Exhibitors to design their booths any way at any time. You can add assorted colors, banners, icons, and symbols, as well as video recordings, pictures, and PDFs to the booths for brand enhancement. 


Average rating of 4.3 by our clients for ease of use




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