Going Hybrid: Event planning for both virtual and in-person attendees

Going Hybrid: Event planning for both virtual and in-person attendees

The event industry experienced a profound shift in dynamics in the wake of the global pandemic. With the proliferation of technology that is available to us today, the events industry has transitioned into an ever evolving digital space for innovative marketing solutions.

The virtual platform is packed with features and options for customization that is both efficient and inclusive in nature. While more and more companies have completely pivoted their event planning on virtual platforms. The opportunity to make a tangible connection with the audience during an in-person event continues to hold merit. It will be safe to say that the future of brand experience will be more hybrid-centric.

Hosts and sponsors are now increasingly looking to create hybrid events to integrate both in-person and remote attendees to promote both inclusivity and convenience in their events. So let us dive into understanding why hybrid events make for a seemingly effective format for event planning in the future.

What is a Hybrid Event?

Hybrid events offer the best of both worlds. To put it simply, a hybrid event is a space that combines conventional in-person meetings as well as virtual meeting sessions. This format of event allows people to attend the same event in person or online using virtual event software. The content for the event is created with the primary objective to reach both physical attendees and the ones joining remotely.

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Benefits of Hybrid Events

  • Hybrid events are safer

Hybrid events are safer than traditional in-person events especially in the time of global pandemic. The plan includes all the parts of the original event plan without the overcrowding and leaves space to maintain social distance.

  •  Eco-friendly

Hybrid events are more environmentally sustainable than physical events. As it involves less consumption of energy resources and less emissions of waste. Hybrid events make for a better option for companies to maintain a green image for their events.

  • Higher reach

With Hybrid events companies and organizations attract local target audiences with the benefits and status of an in-person event, while also having more scope to reach a wider audience on a global scale. Sharing live field experience of the events to the participants attending the events virtually.

  • Cost effective

Conducting hybrid events cuts down on half off variable costs such as attendee parking, food and event venue. Depending on the event, hybrid events help reach more attendees without being a costly affair.

Hybrid events give the best of the both worlds with its perks of having in-person interactive sessions while giving live on-field experience to the attendees taking part in the event remotely. This blended format of conducting events has given new possibilities for growth and has promoted inclusivity for a more delightful attendee experience.

EventStub offers a range of options and expert advice to host successful Hybrid and virtual events. The trend of hybrid events is likely to grow in the years ahead and Our platform is fully integrated to support your hybrid events…. your way.

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