Top 10 Trending Virtual Event Ideas for online Business socials

Top 10 Trending Virtual Event Ideas for online Business socials

Even when we are toddling our way through the ‘Endemic’ stage, Virtual event planning continues to be the norm in the event industry. And it is likely to be so, as more and more brands and businesses are transitioning to virtual platforms to expand their consumer base. With limitations put on in-person interactions during the pandemic, the benefits of leveraging from a virtual platform has benefitted companies’ long term.

From webinars to hybrid and full scale virtual events, organizations have populated their business schedules with online conferences and meetings. Event organizers are striving to work on virtual event ideas that drive engagement and generate positive response across various corporate verticals. A survey by PCMA confirmed that, “79% of event planners are going virtual.” While a staggering 97% event marketers are saying that despite things opening up gradually post pandemic, there will likely be more hybrid events in the year 2022.

The reason being simple, the prospect of reaching out to an audience on a global scale from the luxury of your homes turned out not only to be convenient but effective as well.  Many people are preferring to continue with the model of remote working. Bearing the convenience in mind companies are now hosting virtual socials for corporate events to engage employees and businesses alike.

So in this edition of our blog series, we are going to explore some really engaging online event ideas that work well for corporate gatherings.


Fun Virtual event Ideas for Business and Corporate socials

Game Shows

Brighten up the mood by packing up a punch with fun filled activities and games. Game shows on video chat platforms are a great way to facilitate active participation and boosting engagement. Planning games engages participants in team building activities and strengthens communication.

Host a virtual Trivia Night

Organize Trivia nights and rope in participants for groups to pit against each other. Bring in the excitement by preparing challenges and questions in various formats. Trivia nights are a fun way to engage people and promote team building.

Virtual Scavenger Hunts

Also called Virtual treasure hunts or digital scavenger hunts are a fun way to exercise online team building. Organize quality merchandise for players to find and then you can award points to the players for the item retrieved. Online Scavenger hunts enhance user experience. It motivates attendees to be focused and more engaged while having fun.


B2B events are all about networking and building connections. Hosting virtual conferences or team meets to provide a space for communication exchanges between brands and organizations is conducive for building business communities. 

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Virtual Live concert

Plan a corporate get together with an interactive virtual live concert. Book a live streaming show with an artist or a celebrity of your choice. Organizing live concerts for corporate events is an effective way to rope in participants, boost motivation, and enhance user experience which in turn results in driving engagement.

Virtual Summits

Virtual Summits are a great way to bring industry leaders, entrepreneurs on one platform. Participants can gain insights as numerous topics are addressed during these summits. It also makes for an effective marketing strategy to attract a pool of clients and lead conversions.

Virtual Tours

Consider giving a virtual tour of the working spaces to give attendees an overview of how and where the job is done. Virtual tours of office spaces provide for a very creative video content for marketing. It is an efficient way of educating the crowd of what your brand is all about.

Virtual Gala Events

Adding a little festive fervour to online events will do wonders to enhance audience engagement. A virtual gala is basically live streaming a party with no in person attendees. Bridge the social distancing by organizing a theme oriented virtual-gala to mark an occasion and live stream it to the party goers. A virtual gala event helps to recreate the energy of in-person social engagements on the virtual platform.  

Exhibition Halls

The Exhibit Halls experience is all about brands and businesses showcasing their products in a virtual setting. An Exhibition Hall helps attendees cover more ground and educate them more about your product. It can be designed in any way…It can be your events landing page, booths or a waiting room. You can go creative and design a stunning virtual exhibition hall to captivate attendees.

Award Ceremony

Award ceremonies in a virtual setup is a great way to acknowledge accomplishments of employees and businesses alike. Virtual event ideas such as these are effective to boost the morale of the attendees working remotely. Virtual award ceremonies work great as a company culture tool to build employee engagement. While for businesses it works as an effective marketing strategy for growth when recognized with an award in a virtual setting with a rich audience.

So there you are. These are some of the most trending virtual event ideas that make for an engaging online social.  More so, one can come up with more original and innovative ways to enhance attendee experience. But it needs to be kept in mind that an idea for a virtual event stands to become successful only when it is executed perfectly. Whether it is a corporate social, or a community event, organizing an event in a virtual set up needs to be aligned with the objectives of the event to generate positive response.

A suitable virtual platform helps to achieve the benchmark you have set for your event. Invest in time and resources to look for a service platform with features suiting your  requirements. At EventStub we provide turn-key solutions for events of any kind. A fully customizable and secure platform, we have the best features to create enriching experiences online.

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