The Omicron effect: Event planning amidst the new Covid variant

The Omicron effect: Event planning amidst the new Covid variant

As more industries are transitioning to online platforms, How prepared are event planners with the emergence of the new Omicron variant? Let’s find out

The emerging Omicron variant has generated a wave of uncertainty. A covid strain that is known to be potentially 500 percent more transmissible. It will be only a matter of weeks before the world understands the possibility of when or if there is a surge in cases of the new variant. It may seem to be yet another predicament that had previously impacted several industry sectors. The event industry, however, is more prepared to keep afloat should a possibility arise of an eminent fallout.

And here is why…

Facilitating Businesses with Virtual Events Post Pandemic

Various industry sectors transformed their methods as they treaded along new paths to retain (or maintain) connectivity that was otherwise scaled down due to the global pandemic. Restrictions laid due to Covid 19 had forced us to rely heavily on technology to remain connected with others, which ultimately became the catalyst for the rapid growth of virtual events platforms.

The event industry came up with novel and innovative means to help businesses engage their audience while adhering to social distancing norms. Moreover, the transition of events to the virtual platform offers varied choices for seamless networking and has led to enhanced engagement experience, increased ROI, and access to a wider audience.

While revenues generated from in-person community gatherings had taken a severe hit during 2020 and most of 2021. The rapid growth of Virtual venues, on the other hand, offers flexibility, efficiency, and cost-effective models to facilitate businesses.

Virtual events for event planning​

Virtual platforms provide room for customization and conversation which is particularly handy in the room for a digital event for a more personalized experience. Online webinars, virtual conferences, hybrid corporate programs, virtual expos, and exhibitions enhance prospects through engagement with a client or a buyer by identifying their unique requirements. A customized product demo to deliver the most relevant experience that leaves a lasting impression on the attendees.

Hybrid events have gained favor due to their ability to boost attendance at traditional events at an affordable cost. 

The hybrid model enables attendees to participate remotely who might be unable or doesn’t prefer to attend physically adhering to covid health protocols, or due to travel or time zone constraints. In addition to the open, participatory nature of hybrid events, the format is environmentally sustainable too as it lessens carbon footprints and cuts down on physical event cost variables like travel, food, venue, etc.

‘Virtual platforms’ maximized outreach provides B2B marketers convenient access to cater to a larger audience on a global scale. Additionally, this enables data-driven analogs that are inclusive of tracking metrics and measuring ROI. To effectively develop strategies from decisions backed by numbers to provide optimized performance for upcoming events.

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The recurring global pandemic and the emergence of the new ‘Omicron variant’, ‘Virtual events’ have proved to be an effective stopgap measure to sustain during uncertain times. Organizers found a way to successfully drive businesses to be able to reach and connect with an audience during the time of lockdowns and curfews.

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